Monday, 22 November 2010

“Last Week of Classes”

November 23, 2009 to November 29, 2009

Class wise, this week wasn’t too terrible. I had a song due here and a paper due there, but the main focus of this week was seeing as much theatre as possible.

On Monday we had a Christmas party in Pylaties.

On Tuesday I saw Priscilla Queen of the Desert. One of my teachers from Mountview was the understudy of one of the major roles. He did an amazing job! I was so impressed with the show. Probably was one of my favorite shows while I was over there!

On Wednesday I saw Mountview’s third year musical theatre students in A Chorus Line. I have actually never seen the show before but the did a great job! Scenery was very simple which allowed for the acting, singing, and dancing to really shine through.

On Thursday I saw Parade in a community theatre in London. It was awful! I mean awful! From the dialect to the singing, it was terrible. I started thinking about how bad a community theatre production of a show with a British dialect in the States would be and tried to enjoy it just a little more. Amazing show…terrible production.

Friday was my last day of classes at Mountview! On Friday I saw the other half of Mountview’s third year musical theatre students in Into the Woods. Once again, not too bad. The concept though was weird though and I didn’t really enjoy it. I feel like they took risks and made decisions, it just wasn’t the right one. The students were very talented though. Wish I could have seen the other cast as well.

On Saturday I went to Brick Lane Market with the Kellys and Chloe, one of the girls in my class at Mountview, to get vintage clothing for our shows the following week (Anything Goes & Me and My Girl). On Saturday night I saw Shawshank Redemption and it was the second to last performance of it on the West End.

On Sunday I saw Jest End, the West End equivalent to Broadway’s Forbidden Broadway. It was so funny!

Like a said, a full week of cramming in theatre!

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