Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Rocky is just a bit Rocky...

Oct 24 to Oct 29

Less than 24 hours after our final show of Spring Awakening, I had to head to Tulsa for my next show. Leaving Dallas was tough. Leaving Erica behind was extremely difficult. Dallas was a wonderful city that I loved living in for the past 6 months. It was safe. It was fun. I had made so many great friends and once again I had to leave a place behind a move on. I hope it gets easier with time…

My next job was a fundraiser for Tulsa Project Theatre. They were doing select songs and dance numbers from Rocky Horror Picture Show and I was playing Riff Raff. (Which is funny for a whole lot of reasons. Lol) It was nice to finally be a part of the Rocky Horror tradition in Tulsa! With Chad playing Frank, you knew the show would be amazing! I was also able to finally perform with amazing people like Claire Kifer Morris, Rebecca Ungerman, and Jessica Lauren-Howell! It was also nice be sharing the stage again with one of my best friends, Sean! J

While I enjoyed the actual performance of the fundraiser, the rehearsals were rough including the director being fired from the production. It was ugly, it was putting us all on edge, but, in the end, the show went off well.

By the time the show’s end came, I was ready to head to Memphis for a few weeks to relax.

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