Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The End of TU

April 17 to May 9th

Trouble at TU! I don’t want to drag up anything from the past (I have dealt with the issue and moved passed it quite successfully) but I just want to take a moment to talk about something that made my last few weeks of Tulsa a living hell. TU Theatre Department is crazy. The faculty are crazy and manipulative and liars. They blame their problems on everyone else from other teachers, students, and even other departments. They never ever think that they could be the problem. (A legit theatre actually fires you yet it is still not you…hmmm.) I don’t feel that way about all of the faculty members but several of them yes. I should always trust my gut. When you don’t trust someone as far as you can throw them, then you shouldn’t trust them to take care of things in a responsible way.

Kyle Dougan, a TU Theatre Senior when I was a freshman, actually said it best: He stood the entire group of freshman up and placed them in a line. He told us to look to our left and then to our right. He told us to take care of each other and to respect each other. He told us that the people next to us was how we were not only going to make it through the department but how we were going to make it after we graduated.

A hint to TU Theatre students in the future: Trust who your gut tells you to. Trust yourself. Fight when it tells you to fight. Stand up for yourself and don’t let people walk all over you. Soak up the good and throw away the bad. Don’t get wrapped up in the drama and when they try to pull you down, band together as students and rise above it.

The last few weeks of school was filled with a lot of goodbyes, a lot of parties, and a lot of alcohol! From the last TU Theatre Banquet to the last Pike Beer Olympics, I was able to say my goodbyes to everyone that I needed to while I also enjoyed the last few traditions of school. Senior T-Shirt Night, Senior Video, Theatre Last Wills, Pike Wills, Last Pike Chapter, Senior Night at M Dill’s, NYC Showcase Trip, and Graduation.

I can’t believe that college is over. It seems like just yesterday my parents where bringing me to school for Freshman Orientation. That just yesterday Lynden and I where sitting in my empty dorm room the first night on campus, watching High School Musical 2. That just yesterday was our first class and M Dill was walking us through the steps of how to be a freshman. That just yesterday we rushed and became Greek. These people became my friends. These people became my family. Supporting me know matter what.

But this is just the beginning. It is the end of one amazing chapter and the start of a new one. “Oh the places you’ll go!”

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