Thursday, 3 March 2011

“Summer Auditions…honestly I just need a Job!”

March 3, 2011

This past weekend I auditioned for a regional production of Next to Normal. Upstage Players in Dallas is putting it on in the Uptown of Dallas. Honestly, I didn’t even want to go at first but I went anyway since I knew Natalie wanted to go. The trip ended up being a lot of fun. Nat and I are no strangers to road trips for auditions. In December we drove almost 20 hours in 36 hours to audition for the SETC prelim in Jackson, Miss. On Sunday, we spent the entire day catching up and singing to showtunes…life was good! We got into Dallas around noon, grabbed a cheap lunch from a grocery store, and headed to a secluded parking lot to change/get ready/warm-up. Once we got to the theatre, we were literally there for ten minutes. We filled out our audition forms, sat down in the waiting area, and as we were sitting down they called Natalie’s name to go and said that I was on deck. I finished cutting my music down to the correct 16 bars that was requested and my name was called about two minutes later. I went in, sang “Open Road”, they seemed to enjoy it, was asked to sing my second piece, I decided to actually enjoy myself a little, and sang “Totally F**ked” from Spring Awakening. When I told them my second piece they were like “excuse me?” and then laughed because I think they thought I was saying that I was f**ked. I finished my second song, finished my audition, and Natalie and I were back on the road! Eight hours of driving to Dallas and back for a 4 minute audition…wow!

For the past few weeks, I have been making preparations to head to Atlanta for SETC, Southeastern Theatre Conference, a large regional theatre audition. My audition is on March 5th at 8:30 AM. On Tuesday, I heard back from Dallas and was called back for the show! I was so excited except for the fact that callbacks are on Monday. So this week, I went to Dallas this past Sunday, drove to Memphis on Wednesday, driving/flying standby to Atlanta on Friday, auditioning for SETC on Saturday, driving/flying standby back to Memphis on Sunday, driving to Dallas on Monday for my callback, and driving back to Tulsa on Tuesday in time to get to my classes and Rent rehearsal! THAT IS SO MUCH DRIVING!!!!! This is going to be a long week…hopefully and good long week though with lots of job offers!!!! J I will keep you posted on how the weekend goes!

Also, TU has been in the paper a lot in Tulsa with advertisements for Rent. Last week there was a group shot in the Urban Tulsa with a great article about TU working with Tulsa Project Theatre. Today, Cynthia and I are on the front-page header and 3rd page of the Tulsa World! So exciting! Check the articles out at:

Tulsa World: subjectid=272&articleid=20110303_272_D3_CUTLIN896963&archive=yes

Urban Tulsa:

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